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Akwidaa Inn at Akwidaa is in close proximity to an array of interesting and historical sites which explorers and sightseers would find themselves drawn to when visiting the Western Region of Ghana.


  • Forming the southern most tip of Ghana, Cape Three Points is located between Dix Cove and Princes Town and is known as the ‘land nearest nowhere’ because of its proximity to a location in the sea at 0 latitude and 0 longitude. It marks the western end of the Gulf of Guinea.


  • Cape Three Points is best known for its lighthouses to assist trading vessels sailing through the Gulf.


  • Busua Beach is a popular haunt for travelers and is about 15 K from Akwidaa; it is accessed before the Akwiaa Old Town Road turn-off; surfing can be performed there safely.


  • Dix Cove is an old fishing village in the Ahanta West region of Western Ghana and is the site of Fort Metal Cross, an English built fort, which was completed in 1698. Dix Cove is within walking distance from Busua Beach.


  • A little further to the East is picturesque Butre, which contains the remains of Fort Batenstein Castle.


  • Beyond Cape Three Points is Princes Town, which was headquarters of the Brandenburgers in Africa and contains Fort Friedrichsburg, named after Prince Frederick William 1, Elector of Brandenburg, and was completed in 1683 – hence its name, Princes Town.


  • A little further west is the settlement of Miamia, its main attractions being its safe and secluded beaches and the crocodile ponds of the neighbouring village, Egyambra.


  • West again from Miamia is Axim, a town of around 28,000 inhabitants and the home to Fort Santo Antonio – built in 1515 by the Portuguese and later expanded and altered by the Dutch. It is open to the public and is owned by the Ghanaian government. There are some picturesque islands offshore.


  • The Amansuri wetland is a complex of peat, swamp and mangrove forests, flood plains, and sandy shores with streams, rivers, fresh water lake, lagoons and the sea as environmental features. The Wetlands is one of Ghana’s most beautiful nature preserves, located in the Western region. It is unique in Ghana, because it comprises several wetland categories and has the only known swamp peat forest and the largest stand of intact swamp forest in Ghana. The wetland is home to several species of plants and animals. Ninety-three of these species made up of reptiles, mammals and birds are of global and national conservation interest.


  • To the north a short way is Ankasa Reserve; The Ankasa Conservation Area lies in Southwest Ghana on the border with the Ivory Coast. Covering 509km2, this Protected Area falls within an ancient rain forest and is the most bio diverse in Ghana.