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Welcome to Akwidaa Inn

Akwidaa Inn - a lodge in Western Region, Ghana - a Beach front hotel / a resort on the Atlantic; whether you are back-packing, traveling or touring you will want to honour the history of Ghana by visiting the Western region; down past Takoradi there is an array of interesting tourist destinations which you will want to visit and photograph.

Hence you will need accommodation in Western Ghana and specifically lodging at Akwidaa Inn - a lodge by the sea - an ideal focal point for visiting these places - its more or less centrally located. The points of interest are - from West to East, Amansuri Wetlands, Axim, Miamia, Princess Town, Cape Three Points, Akwidaa, Dixcove, Busua, Butre.


What is more refreshing than to wake up, step out from the room and meet the fresh morning waves of the sea greeting you? Nothing. This is the feeling I got when I came to Western Ghana and lodged at Akwidaa Inn. Great management also.

– Jennifer B. Los Angeles, California, USA

Precisely overlooking the sea, this lodge offers the chance to rest, reflect, and recreate. While eating at the restaurant, I could take in the view of the ocean and that was wonderful.

– Philip Richardson Sydney, Australia